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Personal Fitness
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
Students will learn to understand their lifestyles in this personal fitness class.  This course teaches students practical ways to control their health through nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Students will discover that physical fitness means feeling good and looking good. This course will explore a variety of topics, such as stress, weight control, and nutrition. A cumulative project will allow students to design their own personal fitness programs.

Course Objectives

Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Examine the concept of physical fitness.  
  • Analyze the effects of attitude on physical fitness.
  • Identify health risk factors.
  • Determine the benefits of exercise.
  • Describe the difference between health-related and skill-related components of physical fitness. 
  • Differentiate between short-term and long-term goals.
  • Determine the steps in designing a personal fitness program. 

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Explain the importance of progression and safety in a fitness program. 
  • Determine why certain exercises are meant for certain parts of the body.
  • Identify health-related problems associated with inadequate flexibility. 
  • Identify was to improve flexibility through exercise.
  • Explain how the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system are related to physical fitness.
  • Identify cardiovascular health-related problems.
  • Identify the benefits of muscular fitness and myths about weight training.

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Identify the nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Determine the health problems that may occur as a result of poor eating habits.
  • Explore and interpret food labels. 
  • Determine daily caloric intake requirements.
  • Describe the symptoms of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. 
  • Describe how stress affects the body, and identify ways to manages stress.
  • Identify the negative effects of anabolic steroids and fad diets. 

Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Describe the relationship between physical activities and health-related components of physical fitness.
  • Explore the cost factors of a physical fitness program.
  • Determine important considerations before beginning a physical fitness program.
  • Identify the steps in designing a physical fitness program.
  • Design a fitness program.

Course Materials

  • Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good (textbook)
  • Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good (student activity workbook)