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Keystone I: Algebra
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: No

Keystone I: Algebra concentrates on the major concepts tested in the Keystone Algebra I Exam, which is a Pennsylvania state-mandated, end-of-course assessment students take upon completion of Algebra I. This six-week course provides a comprehensive review of concepts tested on the Keystone Algebra I Exam. This course is divided into daily components in which students will encounter three sections: a Learn section, an Understand section, and an Apply section. Through online lessons and videos, students will learn about specific concepts that are aligned to Keystone Exam Assessment Anchors. The topics include six different categories of algebra, including operations with real numbers and expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities, functions, coordinate geometry, and data analysis. Students will evaluate, factor, and apply algebraic expressions to real-life situations. The Keystone I: Algebra course reviews all topics related to linear functions, including solving, evaluating, and graphing linear equations; systems of linear equations; inequalities; and systems of inequalities. Finally, students will analyze data from various charts and graphs, including scatter plots, stem-and-leaf plots, and box-and-whisker plots. Through an extensive content base that challenges multiple levels of learning and reaches a wide variety of student learning styles, students will have the opportunity to acquire invaluable test-taking skills, to gain knowledge of content commonly found on the exam, and to practice taking the exam. 

It is recommended that students have successfully completed Algebra I before enrolling in this course.