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Language Arts 5
Course Length: Year
Has Textbook: Yes

In Language Arts 5, students will learn a wide range of skills and strategies focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking through online lessons, videos, educational games, and interactive learning objects. Students will select a novel to read and use that novel as well as other literature pieces to focus on plot, main idea, figurative language, and other literary elements. A unit of this course will emphasize comprehending informational texts, and students will focus on determining the structure, author's purpose, and main idea of several informational texts.

Additionally, students will learn useful strategies to use before, during, and after reading in order to better understand informational texts. Students will learn about the five main types of writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, technical, and persuasive. They will hone vocabulary skills, including word analysis and decoding, determining the meaning of unknown words, and understanding word relationships. Students will learn to improve their writing by focusing on grammar and usage, such as sentence types, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Students will explore the writing process and apply their writing skills to the research process when they learn to gather information about a research topic, to evaluate sources, to take notes, to cite sources, and to present research. A unit of this course will focus on listening and speaking skills, and students will become engaged in group discussions and learn to write a speech and to demonstrate effective communication skills. Furthermore, students will become proficient in reading and writing poetry and drama, focusing on structure, theme, and figurative language in these genres.