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Math 5
Course Length: Year
Has Textbook: Yes

Math 5 will help students to understand mathematical concepts through online lessons, videos, educational games, and interactive learning objects, which will serve as a solid foundation for higher-level math courses. Students who complete this course will gain knowledge regarding decimal place value, multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers, measurement systems including metric and customary units, and data interpretation and representation.

As students progress further through the course, they will learn to measure volume, to determine patterns in place value, and to classify two-dimensional figures. Throughout the course, students will demonstrate knowledge adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, as well as writing and interpreting numerical expressions. Students will gain a deeper understanding of graphing points on a coordinate plane, analyzing pattern relationships, and generating numerical patterns based on specific rules. The successful mastery of these skills will prepare students fully for the higher-level thinking concepts they will encounter in Math 6.