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Social Studies 5
Course Length: Year
Has Textbook: No

Social Studies 5 will cover material ranging from that regarding the early Americans to that of modern times using online lessons, videos, educational games, and interactive learning objects. Students will use maps to learn geography skills, and they will explore topics such as early American civilization, including the first Americans and Native American tribes, European exploration, and the colonization of North America. Other featured topics in the course will include American independence, principles and documents of government, growth and westward expansion, federal government, state and local government, patriotism, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

In this course, students will learn the concepts of basic economics: scarcity and choice, productive resources, supply and demand, distribution of goods and services, and advertising. Students will learn about the types of economic systems around the world, the United States government and the economy, government economic programs, and tax revenue. Topics such as economic interdependence and international trade, multinational corporations and economic organizations, income profit and wealth, costs and benefits of saving and borrowing, entrepreneurship, and careers and income will be taught in this course as well.