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Language Arts 4 Part 2
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
This course combines reading, writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and cursive handwriting. Students will read various novels throughout the year, as well as fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and myths. They will create and use graphic organizers and charts to compare and contrast information from their readings and to organize information for their own writing. They will improve their reading and writing by using a dictionary and thesaurus and by learning how to identify the author's purpose for writing. Students will expand their knowledge related to parts of speech, proofreading, and editing their own writing and will complete an oral presentation. They will also keep a journal where they will respond to all types of stories.Like all fourth grade courses, Language Arts includes online lessons complete with engaging teacher videos, mini-games for practice and reinforcement, links to great resources, fun online activities, and hands-on activities that are completed with the printed activities books and a variety of supplies (included as an optional purchase).