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Exploring German
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: No

The Lincoln World Language Exploration courses are online courses for elementary students that use an interactive system to deliver beginning language elements. The goal of these courses is to introduce students to the most basic elements of each language (including letters, numbers, accents, common nouns, and basic articles) in ways that are both fun and educational.

In Exploring German, students will be introduced to the German language and culture. They will learn basics such as greetings, the alphabet, numbers, and colors. Students will also learn to form simple sentences and carry on simple conversations. Although the Exploring German course focuses mainly on the German language, cultural aspects are integrated throughout. The purpose of Exploring German is to spark an interest in the language and provide a base knowledge of it.

Course Objectives

 Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Identify and locate regions in Europe and in the U.S. where German is spoken.
  • Recognize German words that have become part of the English language.
  • Recognize and practice greetings in German.
  • Recognize and compare English and German titles.
  • Recognize and respond to farewells.
  • Recognize and repeat the letters A-Z in the German alphabet.
  • Identify and apply the verb sein in the present tense ich conjugation.
  • Compare and apply verb conjugations in English and in German.

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Identify and repeat family member vocabulary.              
  • Compare noun gender in English and in German, and recognize the gender of family vocabulary.           
  • Recognize and apply the possessive mein.     
  • Apply the verb sein in the third person singular form.
  • Recognize and compare the third-person plural pronoun sie.   
  • Compare parts of speech in English and in German.     
  • Identify the names of the numbers 0-10 in German.       
  • Recognize and apply the numbers 11-20 in German.
  • Recall the numbers 0-20 and compare currency in Germany to that in the U.S.  

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Recognize and use the construction Es gibt to describe the rooms in a house.
  • Explore a traditional type of home in Germany.
  • Use the verb sein"to describe the color of objects.
  • Use the verb haben to discuss pets.
  • Use the verb sein to describe clothing with colors and adjectives.
  • Apply the conjugations of the verb haben to a new verb, anhaben, to describe what one is wearing.
  • Explore the German Imbissstube.
  • Recall and explore cultural differences between Germany and the U.S.

Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Conjugate and use the verb spielen.
  • Identify common school subjects.
  • Explore the school system in Germany.
  • Apply the verb haben to describe a class schedule.
  • Identify days of the week.
  • Identify seasonal weather vocabulary.
  • Conjugate and apply the verb wohnen to talk about where someone lives.
  • Convert temperatures in Fahrenheit to Celsius to describe the temperature for today.