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Little Lincoln: Second Grade
Course Length: 4 Quarters
Has Textbook: No

Little Lincoln Second Grade meets or exceeds the standards of traditional curricula for math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and visual arts, and does so by following elements of instruction and design that are similar to those of Little Lincoln Kindergarten and First Grade. The curriculum is designed to cover 36 weeks of instruction, but it can be completed at each student's own pace.

Among the many topics students will explore are:

  • Adding and subtracting whole numbers
  • Fractions
  • Word problems
  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Figurative language
  • Using the writing process to create various forms of writing
  • Generating a timeline of events
  • Cultural diversity
  • Scientific inquiry

Little Lincoln combines online and offline components. Online each day, students watch four engaging teacher videos featuring teachers including Mr. Reed Moore, Mrs. Triggle, and Dr. Algae; listen to short audio stories about Midlandia and the unique characters who reside there; and play a variety of mini-games designed to reinforce the daily learning objectives. Students are also given the opportunity to create an avatar online and participate in the World of Midlandia. Additionally, wellness is newly in-corporated into Little Lincoln Second Grade and features weekly videos and activities that will benefit students as they learn about fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.

In addition to the information provided online, students receive five boxes of materials to use throughout the school year: one box of printed materials per nine-week season (four total) and one box of supplies. The supply box includes writing journals, art supplies, math manipulatives, supplies for various science projects, and much more! Five novels are also included as part of the curriculum.

Each seasonal box includes:

  • 1 Guide Book
  • 1 box of Sight Word Books
  • 3 Activities Books
  • 1 book from The Little Lincoln Adventure Series, Level 2

Please Note: The offline activities described in the Guide Book and Activities Books are typically designed to be on-level. To meet the needs of all students, there are many enrichment opportunities known as Extend your thinking! These are meant to challenge the students who need it. In addition, there are opportunities called Reteaching for math, reading, and writing; these activities are meant to help students who are having difficulty by allowing the objectives to be introduced and practiced in brand new ways.