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Credit Recovery Earth Science Part 2
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes

The Credit Recovery courses are set up to resemble the standard Lincoln Interactive classes.  Students have access to all course content. The only required assignments in these courses are the Mid-Unit Quizzes, Unit Exams, and the Final Exam.  Any additional assignment completed outside of the required will calculate into the overall score of the course.  

Earth Science Part 2 covers freshwater systems on the Earth, the Earth's atmosphere, oceanography, and astronomy. Students will begin by examining the Earth's river systems, groundwater, and glaciers. Then, students will explore Earth's atmosphere, including its composition, movement of heat, compounds, and water vapor. Students will compare the formation of various types of clouds and patterns of air circulation, while also examining the Earth's weather by identifying air masses, fronts, and storms. In studying oceanography, students will explore the Earth's oceans, the properties of salinity, the composition of the ocean floor, and the features of currents and tides. Finally, students will study astronomy by exploring the moon, sun, and solar system, as well as distant stars and galaxies. Students will demonstrate knowledge of key concepts of Earth science and will understand how these concepts relate to their everyday lives. 

It is recommended that students successfully complete Earth Science Part 1 or equivalent course work before enrolling in this course.