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Credit Recovery English 10 Part 1
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes

The Credit Recovery courses are set up to resemble the standard Lincoln Interactive classes.  Students have access to all course content. The only required assignments in these courses are the Mid-Unit Quizzes, Unit Exams, and the Final Exam.  Any additional assignment completed outside of the required will calculate into the overall score of the course.  

English 10 Part 1 continues to build upon the concepts presented in English 9, through a focus on literature, grammar, and composition. Students will begin by examining the different elements of a story, including plot, setting, character, narrator, and voice. To understand these concepts, students will read a variety of works from the Elements of Literature textbook, including "By Any Other Name," "Typhoid Fever," "The Storyteller," and "The Cold Equations." Throughout the course, students will study various parts of speech, readings, and poetry. Some of the poetic works students will review include "Grape Sherbet" and "The Legend." Students will demonstrate their writing abilities by completing a literary analysis paper after reading a selection of stories from the book. Strategies for strengthening vocabulary and grammar skills will be examined and practiced. Students will display mastery of these concepts through various learning activities and assessments, including tests, quizzes, writing assignments, and journal exercises.