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Changing Language
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
Changing Language provides a more in-depth look at the evolution of the English language and its various influences. Students will learn to identify and to comprehend borrowed vocabulary from languages such as French, Greek, and Latin. By exploring the historical context of the language and its usage, students will gain further understanding of sentence and word formation and will learn how English has evolved into its contemporary form.

Course Objectives

 Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Define the differences between communication and language.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the physical process for producing sound and speech.
  • Identify the characteristics of vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Identify the forces that change language.
  • Explore the theories surrounding the origin and migrations of language.
  • Identify characteristics of the political and social groups in Anglo-Saxon Britain.
  • Identify key passages while reading Beowulf.

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Recognize the influence of French on the language and literature of Middle English.
  • Critique Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
  • Identify words borrowed from French.
  • Compare Middle English to Old English grammar.
  • Translate Middle English into Modern English.
  • Initiate research on major literary figures and their works.
  • Identify key passages while reading The Canterbury Tales.

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Evaluate the transition from Middle English to Early Modern English.
  • Identify characteristics of Renaissance influence in the language.
  • Identify grammatical and phonetic changes in Early Modern English.
  • Recognize how religious changes affected the English language and literature.
  • Identify technological changes that stabilized the language.
  • Evaluate the efforts to stabilize a changing language.
  • Initiate research into the etymology of loaned words.

Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Compare and contrast British and American English.
  • Examine the influence English has had on other modern languages and how it is used around the world.
  • Demonstrate understanding of what grammar is beyond the textbook rules.
  • Examine continuing changes in vocabulary.
  • Analyze spoken and written English.
  • Initiate research to make inferences about spoken and written English.

Course Materials

  • Beowulf Translator (textbook)
  • Canterbury Tales (textbook)
  • Vocabulary From Latin And Greek Roots (textbook)

**NCAA approved