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French II Part 1
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
In French II Part 1, students will have the opportunity to review some of the structures from French I, but they will also build their knowledge of the French language and culture. Some of the structures that learners will review include the present tense of regular and irregular verbs, the passé composé with avoir and être, and adjective agreement and placement. In French II Part 1, students will add to their knowledge foundation by employing direct and indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs in the present tense, passé composé, and imperative mood. They will also learn vocabulary to talk about daily routines, celebrations, past events, and school. Additionally, students will explore the French cities of Paris and Rennes as well as the city of Quebec in Canada. They will also discover meals, sports, and crafts unique to the Francophone world.
It is recommended that students possess a solid understanding of the concepts covered in French I or equivalent course work before enrolling in this course.

These courses include auditory comprehension assessments that require students to listen to audio files and to record themselves speaking. For these courses, it is essential that students have either a headset equipped with a microphone or access to an internal microphone within their computers.

Course Objectives

Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Describe oneself and others.
  • Utilize direct object pronouns.
  • Practice asking for and giving advice.
  • Discuss after-school activities, holidays, and celebrations.
  • View an episode of a video series to practice listening comprehension.

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Discuss food and party preparations.
  • Explore Quebec City’s cultural offerings and history.
  • Practice making and responding to requests for help.
  • Utilize indirect object pronouns.
  • Read about New Year’s Eve preparations, and watch an episode of a video series to practice reading and listening comprehension.
  • Discover carnaval, and learn about guest etiquette in a French home.

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Discuss errands, shopping, and school using new vocabulary.
  • Utilize the pronouns y and en.
  • Utilize object and adverbial pronouns in different tenses.
  • View an episode of a video series to practice listening comprehension, and read an excerpt of Le Petit Nicolas to practice reading comprehension.
  • Read about Francophone meals, and write about a typical American dish.

Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Utilize vocabulary to talk about technology, to ask for information, and to express frustration.
  • Describe a daily routine.
  • Explore the French city of Rennes.
  • Utilize adverbs to discuss when someone does something.
  • View episodes of a video series to develop listening comprehension.
  • Read a variety of texts to practice reading comprehension.

Course Materials

  • Holt Bien dit! (textbook)

*Available as an iText course

**NCAA approved