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German I Part 2
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
This course continues at the same rigorous pace as German I Part 1, but with a more in-depth approach to the fundamental aspects of the language. Students will focus their study on the verb and gain a better understanding of its principal parts, versatility, and variety of tenses across the language. The student will be able to fluidly use verbs across many tenses discerningly upon completion of this course. The case system will also be extensively examined and implemented in an increasingly natural manner with nouns, verbs, and objects. A new case will be introduced to allow for more versatility when talking about possession, time, and dependence. Adjectives will be closely studied as well, with special attention paid to declension across all four cases in a variety of situations. Finally, more natural and practical vocabulary will be studied in this part of the course. Despite its advanced level, this will allow the student to communicate a substantial range of topics, not only in contemporary Germany but also in Europe and in the rest of an interconnected world.
It is recommended that students successfully complete German I Part 1 or equivalent course work before enrolling in this course.

These courses include auditory comprehension assessments that require students to listen to audio files and to record themselves speaking. For these courses, it is essential that students have either a headset equipped with a microphone or access to an internal microphone within their computers.

Course Objectives

Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Discuss the German case system.
  • Use definite and indefinite articles in the nominative and accusative cases.
  • Identify vocabulary for clothing and colors.
  • Utilize the plural forms of clothing vocabulary.
  • Compare the prices of clothing in the United States and Germany using a currency conversion table.
  • Provide positive and negative comments on clothing items.
  • Identify expressions for giving compliments and responding to them. 

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Discuss fun activities, and comprehend native speakers talking about activities they engage in during their free time.
  • Complete a conversation in a restaurant.
  • Conjugate stem-changing verbs.
  • Complete dictation and practice the pronunciation of the letter r and letter combinations.
  • Utilize functional expressions to ask and tell how someone is feeling.
  • Tell time using formal and informal methods, and utilize time-telling skills to describe plans and a sequence of events.
  • Master the reading strategy of using context clues to guess the meanings of unfamiliar words.

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Identify phrases for household chores by using the modal verbs muessen and koennen.
  • Discuss the future by using time expressions.
  • Utilize accusative pronouns and discuss the frequency of certain events.
  • Complete dictation and practice the pronunciation of the short vowels o and u and the letter combinations th and pf.
  • Describe the weather and convert Fahrenheit units to Celsius units.
  • Listen to native speakers talk about what they do for the environment.
  • Master the reading strategy of finding relationships between ideas. 

Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Categorize functional phrases related to grocery shopping.
  • Complete conversations between a salesperson and a customer.
  • Identify units of measurement for weights and volume, and compare American measurement units with metric system units.
  • Convert centimeters to inches and Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Utilize the modal verb sollen.
  • Identify the correct word order for sentences containing denn or weil.
  • Provide reasons by using the conjunctions denn or weil.

Course Materials

  • Holt Komm mit! (textbook)

*Available as an iText course

**NCAA approved