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German II Part 2
Course Length: 1 Semester
Has Textbook: Yes
German II Part 2 provides a comprehensive review of German grammar, including adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. Adjectives will be discussed with special focus on their use. All types of pronouns will be extensively examined, with special attention paid to problematic areas. This course will further elaborate upon the use of prepositions and conjunctions. Finally, the course will provide a deep understanding of subordinating clauses, one of the most challenging concepts in German grammar. A large amount of new vocabulary and idioms dealing with traveling, feelings, and German tradition will be acquired and practiced through a close study of situational dialogues in every lesson. Part 2 focuses on developing a better understanding of the German language and strengthening students' speaking skills. Written skills are developed as students are required to write various dialogues, descriptions, and paragraphs. Many presentations, interactive exercises, and games will help students expand their knowledge.
It is recommended that students successfully complete German II Part 1 or equivalent course work before enrolling in this course.

These courses include auditory comprehension assessments that require students to listen to audio files and to record themselves speaking. For these courses, it is essential that students have either a headset equipped with a microphone or access to an internal microphone within their computers.

Course Objectives

Unit 1: Essential Content and Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend general information about topics presented in audio, video, and written materials.
  • Describe the likes and dislikes of oneself and other people.
  • Utilize vocabulary relating to sports, clothing, shopping, and making plans.
  • Read for comprehension and explain the texts, write letters, and utilize prereading strategies in the present and conversational past tenses.

Unit 2: Essential Content and Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend general information presented by native speakers in audio and video materials.
  • Identify vocabulary for doing household chores, shopping, accepting or declining invitations, giving commands, and offering help.
  • Practice correct word order when using modal verbs and dependent and independent clauses.
  • Utilize accusative and dative forms of personal pronouns and possessive adjectives.
  • Utilize functional vocabulary to discuss likes, dislikes, preferences, and favorites.

Unit 3: Essential Content and Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend general information presented by native speakers in audio and video materials.
  • Utilize vocabulary to discuss vacation activities, time expressions, and the recording of past events.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write an article in German and express the main idea with supporting details.
  • Categorize verb forms into the present and conversational past tenses while utilizing past participles and helping verbs.
  • Read a text and answer questions about the cities Frankfurt and Dresden.
  • Utilize prepositions and pronouns in the dative case. 

 Unit 4: Essential Content and Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to listen to and comprehend the conversations of native-speaking German teenagers.
  • Use German websites to find information regarding the city of Hamburg and other geographical locations.
  • Utilize German words and phrases to express approval and disapproval, to agree or disagree, and to ask for information and permission.
  • Utilize correct word order for dependent clauses and reflexive verbs.  
  • Practice sports vocabulary, utilize various cases of nouns, and contradict negative statements.

Course Materials

  • Holt Komm mit! (textbook)

*Available as an iText course

**NCAA approved